Toran Prescott Cunningham is the foster son of Joshua and Alyssa Cunningham. In the later years of United, Toran was brought in due to the abuse his father would inflict on the boy. Joshua first met the boy when he was examining him. Toran, first afraid of him, starts to trust him until a social worker came in and begins placing him in foster homes. However nothing seemed to fit as many families would usually send him back. Some say he was very clingy to the point he'd pratically have a breakdown if left alone too long. He also freaked if someone would touch him without knowing fearing he'd be hit. Fearing rejection again, Toran ran away from the foster facility. Lady luck or fate have it, he'd bumped into Joshua again. 

With a background check and all the other foster jazz, Joshua and Alyssa take the boy in. This is when Toran meets his best friend/sister Regan, the couples only daughter. Regan belated to have a brother while Toran at first was reluctant...till one day he saw the girl crying in her room.  Asking what was wrong, she hugs onto him and says kids were bullying her for her arm. Shocked at first, Toran was half tempted to back away..but the tears in her eyes...He hugged her tryng to comfort her. (days later he would beat up said bullies) He would later be adopted as a full Cunningham.


Toran's upbringing wasn't exactly a happy one. His mother Vanessa Prescott was schizophrenic and often ignored Toran and the ongoing abuse. Her condition worsened after she had Toran so her husband tried calming her down with alcohol. He himself was a alcoholic and would hit Toran in a drunken rage. One day Vanessa's hallucinations got to the point where she up and left, wanting the voices to leave her alone. This was during one of Toran's beatings and neighbors called the cops. The drunk was jailed and Toran sent to a hospital. Vanessa whereabouts are unknown.

Future Edit

Toran's life with the Cunnigham's were among the best in all his years. A loving father and mother...a little sister....Life seemed picture perfect. Until he gets a phone call... A local institution down in Portland found his mother and has been receiving treatment since the incident. Toran almost broke down not wanting the memories to come back and haunt him. However with a little convincing from Regan and Alyssa he goes to meet his mother for the first time in months. Joshua and Toran head down to the institution to meet Vanessa, who was making progress from the treatments. She apologizes to Toran for all the years of neglect, wanting to make it up to him somehow. Toran of course was unsure..but he forgave her. It wasn't her fault after all. He promises to visit every now and again. He becomes a doctor later in adulthood working with mentally ill patients.